Restorative Nursing Program

Rehabilitative or restorative care refers to nursing interventions that promote the resident's ability to adapt and adjust to living as independently and safely as possible. Focuses on achieving and maintaining optimal physical, mental and psychosocial functioning. A restorative program should be started when a resident is admitted with restorative needs, but not a candidate for therapy, or when the need arises during the course of a stay.

Specific components of the restorative nursing program include:

a. Range of Motion (passive and active)

b. Splint or brace assistance

c. Scheduled toileting

d. Bladder Retraining

e. Training and skill practice in:

1. Transfers

2. Bed mobility

3. Walking

4. Dressing or grooming

5. Eating or swallowing

6. Amputation/prosthesis

7. Communication

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Sub-Acute Rehabilitation

Enhancement Therapy

Long-Term Care